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Leica Reality Capture Solutions

Leica Reality Capture 3D laser scanners are your perfect partner when capturing 3D geometry of civil infrastructure, creating an as-built representation of a large industry complex, reconstructing a crime scene or generating 3D data for integration into Building Information Modelling (BIM).

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P30 .png

Leica Scan Station P Series

Integrated 3D laser scanning solution providing unsurpassed speed, accuracy and range for demanding scanning projects

Leica Geosystems 3D laser scanners deliver:

  • Highest quality 3D data and HDR imaging

  • Extremely high speed scan rate of 1 mio points per second

  • Ranges of up to 270 m

  • Low range noise

  • Survey-grade dual-axis compensation

  • Highly detailed 3D colour point clouds mapped in realistic clarity


Leica RTC 360

The new Leica RTC360 laser scanner makes 3D reality capture faster than ever before. With a measuring rate of up to 2 million points per second and advanced HDR imaging system, the creation of coloured 3D point clouds can be completed in under two minutes. Plus, automated targetless field registration (based on VIS technology) and the seamless, automated transfer of data from site to office reduce time spent in the field and further maximise productivity.


BLK 360

The Leica BLK360 captures the world around you with full-colour panoramic images overlaid on a high-accuracy point cloud. Simple to use with the single push of one button, the BLK360 is the smallest and lightest imaging laser scanner of its kind. Anyone who can operate an iPad can now capture the world around them with high resolution 3D panoramic images.

Hand Held LIDAR + Colour

Paracosm’s PX-80 scanner is an innovative SLAM-based 3D mapping solution that incorporates LiDAR, color imagery, and IMU data to collect survey-quality point clouds quickly and accurately for a wide range of applications. PX-80 is compact, completely mobile, and capable of full 6-DoF positional tracking.
Mobile LiDAR scanning offers many advantages over aerial and conventional ground surveys, namely its flexibility, simplified workflow, and rapid data collection. This non-invasive survey method may be used day or night, indoor, outdoor, with an efficient acquisition rate of 300,000 points per second.

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PX - 80

RELATIVE ACCURACY                   ±2-3 cm
MAXIMUM FRAME RATE50 fps, ~320 M pixels/s
COVERAGE.                                    250 deg x 360 deg
ACQUISITION                                 300,000 pts/sec
RANGE                                             80 m

Scan and Go

Scan & Go is a leader in the field of topography and the three-dimensional high-definition 3D survey, producer of vehicle/tripod in-stallations and accessories for 3D Laser Scanner. The Scan & Go system has been created to be installed on any type of vehicle or on a pneumatic pole to allow easy movement between the scan sessions and ensure greater measurement range because of the height from the ground of the laser scanner, this way to achieve faster and more effective use of the terrestrial Laser Scanner in the branch of the traditional survey.

scan and go 2.png

Level Lift Roof

Lifting extensible system for vehicle roof

Level-Lift Roof has been created in order to take advantage to the Level-Plane 16R in land, infrastructural, architectural and structural surveying.
It’s composed of 4 pneumatic extensible segments (max 3.00 m height), a support plate for Level-Plane 16R and a solid frame that allows mounting on the roof rack of any vehicle. The systems is made from anodized aluminum.

Once the engine of the vehicle is off and the pole fully extended the system remains firm and stable during the scan session.

By using Level-Lift Roof combined with Level-Plane 16R and raising the 3D Laser Scanner gripping point it’s possible to obtain:
– significant increase of measurement range
– decrease of the scan sessions number
– saving of surveying time
– more detailed scans by cutting out balcony shadows, trays of windows and high parts not visible from the ground
– improving measurement quality due to the increased verticality of the gripping point.

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EISCAN PRO 2x_2x Plus.png

EISCAN Pro 2X / 2X Plus

Scan Speed.           : up to 1,500,000 pts/s
Point Distance.       :0.2mm - 3mm
Working Distance.  :400- 510mm
Output Formats.     :OBJ , STL, ASC , PLY , P3 , 3MF

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